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Published on June 23, 2012, in Creativity, Painting.
One Small Step

One Small Step - Acrylic on canvas

 Astronauts would be much happier if they could take their four legged friends with them into space… Trouble is, someone’s always got to walk the dog!

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Illustration Friday(IF)

Yep, just one word is all you need to get your creative juices flowing! This wonderful web site has been around for years (think pre-Facebook) and gives anyone with a pencil (or a paint brush) the chance to create something fun and share it with the world each week.

Here’s how it works -

Each Friday the web site posts a suggested, one word topic selected from ideas contributed by you and other artist and fans. You create something wonderful and share it with the world on your web site, blog, flickr page, photobucket, etc. You then link your new creation to the Illustration Friday web site with a URL from your site and a small thumbnail image of your creation.

The IF viewer page is a great place to browse through the current week’s topic or any previous week.

Go ahead – create something just for the fun of it and share it with the world. You’ll find yourself looking forward to Fridays and the creative possibilities in one little word.

This week’s word is right up my alley:






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